Rodriguez, Ricardo

From Ricardo Rodriguez – Existing tree/homesite owner who recently visited LaQua Plantations in Belize, September 2013.


Thanks so much for accommodating me and putting together such a well-rounded experience for my first time in Belize. You certainly pulled out all the stops by not only arranging an incredible tour of the plantation and home site lots, but by ensuring an activity-packed journey throughout! In between the incredible tours, ATV rides, hiking, waterfalls, and island excursions, the hotel accommodations you arranged made for great retreats. Your staff always made me feel more than welcome and the introductions to the locals, sharing of stories, and fresh coconuts were an unexpected plus! The foods served by the places you chose were truly out-of-this-world! I now have a pantry full of Belizean sauces by Marie Sharp thanks to these experiences and cannot wait to make some watermelon juice of my very own.

Too, I have a new found appreciation for the phrase “you better Belize it”! The true worth of this phrase is now indelibly etched into my psyche and for this could not be more grateful. Though it’s only been a few days since my return home, I have already found myself imploring friends and family alike to “Belize it” and join in what can be described as nothing less than the most unique opportunity available. The LaQua development’s carefully cultivated grounds with home sites overlooking the Pomona Valley river, offering ocean views, and even a distant waterfall, truly made the experience most surreal. The spring-fed creek running through the property with its stunning rock formations, water falls, and choice foliage all throughout were captivating to say the least; moreover, the amenities positioned at the creek’s basin were a true testament to the overall theme, architectural quality, and burgeoning future of the development. I still have flash-backs to relishing in the creek basin’s playful, yet serene scene with its wood bridges, water falls, thatch hut, swings, and spring-fed spa, all while taking in the sounds of the surrounding fauna like the various birds and howler monkeys.

The positioning of the property right off the Hummingbird Highway is certainly a plus. I was pleased to be able to visit the shoreline within only fifteen minutes and some of the best resorts and restaurants within only thirty minutes. Watching a full moon rise out of the Caribbean’s glassy waters while sipping our appetizers at the Pelican Resort in Dangriga is just one of many remaining imprints from the resorts visited. I still can’t believe renowned water falls like Davis Falls and Billy Barquedier National Park are within minutes of the development site. Being able to walk only ten minutes from Hummingbird and directly onto one of Billy Barquedier’s National Park jungle trails was quite a surprise.

The opportunity to invest within a mountain-top community nestled among the very teak which stands as strong, tall, and proud as all the efforts sown thus far is truly a great one. Having witnessed teak growth elsewhere, I must say the progress of the teak within LaQua Plantations is truly outstanding. The level of care, maintenance, and unwavering attention to detail is clearly already yielding a product that can only result in the highest potential. From the custom tools created for precision pruning, to the careful monitoring required to deploy routine alignments for each individual tree, the operations behind this project are truly paramount and as skyward as the trees themselves. The economic importance of this project is underscored and in stark contrast to the increasingly tumultuous world daily news and stock market fluctuations, as this chosen asset class enjoys irrespective growth. I am pleased to see the project coming along in the manner in which it has and look forward to seeing continued success.

Overall, the result of doing business with LaQua Plantations was simply as it should be; a master-class operation. The irony of which, seemed as if all the while, my dealings with your establishment was not business in nature and instead one of pleasure; the type experienced with that of extended family. From the moment I arrived to the moment of departure, the vision, spirit, and care of your operation was omnipresent. Your attention to detail in both form and function throughout grounds was truly impressive. What’s more, all the typical affairs of traveling abroad such as safety, reliability, comfort, and trust, are all covered under the umbrella of mindfulness that is ever-present when in your hands. I look forward to many return trips and exploring even more of what Belize has to offer – you better Belize it.


Ricardo Rodriguez