Reasons to Retire in Belize or Ecuador!

Look and Feel Young Overseas

If you dream of moving to one of the countries LaQua International writes about then you will enjoy a low-stress, affordable and healthy lifestyle. Here are some reasons why.

Warm Temperatures: Most of us dream of retiring someplace warm. Snow and cold are things we gladly leave behind with our old 9-to-5 lives. And when the weather is warm and sunny, it is easy to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Before you know it, you may ease into an active lifestyle with lots of exercise, which health experts agree is key to keeping us LOOKING AND FEELING YOUNG!


Some expats actually choose an overseas destination like Belize or Ecuador because they can practice a favorite sport there, such as golf, hiking, diving or other exotic lifestyle activities. Others take up a new activity once they move. If you are living near the ocean, for instance, swimming or strolling the beach may become part of your new routine. When adventure or fresh discoveries lie around every corner, long walks don’t feel like exercise.

Socializing: Fresh air and sunshine can also help you make friends. Health experts say that social networking helps extend the longevity of our lives. Ever stayed home from a social event because you couldn’t face a cold, wet night out? In your new warm-weather home, you’re more likely to ask, “Where’s the party?” and enjoy the evening stroll there and back.

Delicious Foods/Healthy Body: With a warm climate comes a long growing season for fruits and vegetables, these fresh air markets make living off the land an organic way of life. Expats often praise the quality and freshness of the produce they can buy locally. You can choose to eat junk food if you want. But fresh, exotic produce can tempt you to eat healthier and to try a wider variety of foods. If you do, your health and taste buds—will thank you.


With these warm temperatures, it’s also tempting to lie by the pool and just do nothing. That’s okay, too—it lowers all that unhealthy stress- leading to LOOKING AND FEELING YOUNG!

All of this for a fraction of the cost of living that you are accustomed to! Please contact us so we can provide you with options for your living enjoyment. Other LaQua web sites may be helpful, please visit the following sites for more information: and