Dunagan, Dan

Dear LaQua Travel,

Once again I wanted to say thank you for all the great adventures. From all the trips to Belize and to Las Vegas you have always pulled out all of the stops for me and my friends. In Las Vegas we really appreciated the exclusive access you got us in to all the shows and clubs, there is no way we would have enjoyed many of them without your contacts! Most of all, thank you for all your efforts over the years in my travels to Belize. From picking us up at the airport to introducing us to local’s (many of whom I consider friends now!) to showing us some of the hidden treasures of Belize, its always an adventure with you and your team! I can’t wait to use LaQua Travel this coming February. For those considering a great experience I strongly recommend using LaQua Travel, I know I will for many years to come!

Dan Dunagan
Sioux Falls SD