About LaQua Travel


LaQua Travel provides customized travel services that will cater to your individual needs. All group tours are guided by our travel experts and your trip needs will be taken with utmost care as he does when he travels with his own family and friends. In fact, many of LaQua Travel clients are family, friends, and acquaintances that have benefited from our experts travel experience and trusted contacts. Our travel experts will meet you and your group at the airport and escort you to the hand-selected accommodations and attractions. Why travel to a foreign country or different city on your own when you can use the value of services our experts can provide?

Check out LaQua Travel’s escorted tours to the places you want to go. Our prices will reflect the same value as un-escorted trips and you will receive the highest benefit for using our expertise. Your vacation will consist of both expert hands-on attention to your vacation as well as alone time to connect with your travel mates. If any need arises, our travel experts will be at your beckon call. Our personalized travel service allows you to see more, do more, and experience more than purchasing single, independent travel components of your vacation.

LaQua Travel
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